To some folks, sauerkraut is just another condiment. 

To you, that’s just plain disrespectful.

Have you ever been told that your love of kraut is, frankly, alarming? It’s OK. You’re not alone, and you’ll never have to feel that way again. Together, we shall stand firm and proud to profess our unwavering praise and admiration for one of man’s finest achievements.Beyond being the world’s best resource for sauerkraut lovers, serves as the home for the Kraut Klub.

While membership to the Klub is, of course, free, we take our commitment to fermented and shredded cabbage really, really seriously (like, pretty much as seriously as you can take a commitment to fermented shredded cabbage). So, whether you prefer your kraut so strong it knocks out all other flavors or as a subtle and delicate enhancement that brings more out of your meal, you’ve found your home.

Be brave. Be bold. Join us. Stand up and brazenly spread the love to friends, family, and anyone who will listen long enough to hear about how much you love sauerkraut. You owe it to yourself. You owe it to the kraut. Registering is easy…  Just raise your right hand in the air and read the passage below out loud, like REALLY loud, so others can hear you, then fill out the form and hit submit.

We welcome you, kraut friend. May the deliciousness never end.

Kraut Klub Membership Benefits Include:

•  Free newsletter with top-rated recipes and tips
•  Occasional special offers and free stuff
•  A feeling of warmth and security knowing you are not alone

The Sauerkraut Manifesto (intended to be read aloud)

I believe in sauerkraut – an ambrosia of mankind whose unique and wonderful character come from nature’s goodness. Finely shredded and masterfully fermented, it breathes new life into plain cabbage and exists solely to make our lives better.

I therefore believe it is my duty, to myself and all the world to love it. To share it, respect it, and enjoy it over all other condiments.