It's Sweet!
It's Sweet!

Polka Keilbasa & Saurkraut Pork Chop Boil

By The Krautfather  

September 24, 2012

  • Prep: 45 mins
  • Cook: 2 mins


2 Links Polka Keilbasa

1/2 Large Jar of Saurkraut (preferably Steinfeld's)

3 Sticks Celery

4 Boiling Onions (boiling onions are mild and sweat)

3 Carrots

3 Large Mushrooms

2 1/2 Cups Water

1 Cup Margarine / Butter

4 Thin Porkchop Cutlets

Spices and Vegie Oil

14 Inch Skillet, 3 inches deep (preferably) and one 9 inch Simmering Pan

Strainer for Saurkraut


1Rinse saurkrate THOROUGHLY in strainer, leave in sink.

2Rinse and saute carrots and celery sticks (tip: lay celery / carrots flat on bread board and slice at a 45 degree angle) Rinse, peel and dice onions.

3Pour 1/2 cup vegitable oil into your simmer pan, heat low/medium, and simmer celery and onions until overpowering scent is gone, about 15 minutes.

4pour 1/3 cup oil into 14 inch skillet, brown Pork Chops just slightly and spice with just a little garlic, cayenne pepper and dried parsley on both sides on medium heat, THEN add saurkraut, and pour in your 2 & 1/2 cups water and throw in your sauted carrots.

5Add 1 cup margarine / butter and boil.

6(tip: make sure mixture covers the carrots, even if you have to add more water)

7Wait until skillet comes to a mild boil, then add sauted Polka Keilbasa, sliced just like your carrots, add plack pepper, but not too much, and season accasionaly according to your pallet.

8Add simmered onions and celery, boil every thing, stirring on medium heat, and you can add more butter if you like.

9I know you think it's finished, but wait...

10Throw everything in a large boiling pot and simmer on low heat for 1 hour, stirring occasionaly...


1When you are finished simmering your vegetables, DONT dump out the oil, INSTEAD, add it to your boil pot and let simmer with everything...

2Like always, this goes good with beer...

3especialy Heinekin! Enjoy!


Nutrition Facts

Serving Size2-3

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