Pork shoulder and sauerkraut

By Andrew Itzov  

September 26, 2017

This uses an inexpensive but delicious pork cut,( $1.72/ lb.), providing lots of gelatin from the bone. The meat is moist, kraut is mild and sweet and the fat is a vehicle for the flavors.

  • Prep: 1 hr
  • Cook: 5 hrs
  • Yields: Ten servings


Ten pound pork picnic

Four two pound bags Frank's Kraut

One and one half cups dark brown sugar

Two tablespoons caraway seed

Salt and pepper to taste


1Prepare roast :

2Rinse. BE CAREFUL. With a SHARP knife make cuts, spaced at an inch to one and a half inches, in the skin side, through the fat, in a diamond pattern. Rub in salt and pepper. Place in a large roasting pan.

3Prepare the Frank’s Kraut:

4Put the kraut in a large pan, fill with water, stir and drain in a colander. Repeat once or twice. I like three total rinses- you may like two, leaving the kraut more sour.

5Mix in about one and one half cups dark brown sugar and about two tablespoons caraway seed.

6Arrange the kraut around the roast.

7Roast at 400 degrees uncovered , about two hours until the skin is brown, the skin diamonds sitting on top of islands of fat.

8Cover and continue cooking at 300 degrees. When a meat thermometer indicates 190 degrees at the center, keep cooking an hour or two.

9Baste the skin with the juice.

10When a knife easily splits the meat down deep, or if you can detect it LOOSE on the bone, it’s ready. An option is to leave the cover off. Then the skin becomes deliciously crackly. In such a case a little more basting may be in order.

In the book Longitude, author Dava Sobel describes how the famous explorer Captain James Cook, on his trip starting in 1772, carried supplies of sauerkraut, which prevented scurvy. This was long before the British navy supplied lemons and limes for the same problem