Sauerkraut Dragon Roll
Sauerkraut Dragon Roll

Sauerkraut Dragon Roll

By The Krautfather  

October 1, 2012


1 sushi mat

1 piece sushi nori (seaweed) wrapper

1 cup cooked sushi rice (prepare in advance; add rice vinegar to the cooled, cooked rice before using)

Spicy Mayonnaise (1/2 cup may, 2 tbsp hot chili, 1 tbsp hot sesame oil.

Mix and place into squeeze bottle. Oyster sauce.

1 16 oz.can of Frank's sauerkraut rinsed and drained

2 small deep friend fresh soft shell crabs

1 cup deep fried and crumbled tempura mix

12 avocado slices


1The trick to sushi is wrapping your sushi mat with plastic wrap before starting.

2Place the nori on the mat.

3Distribute a layer of rice across the nori.

4Sprinkle with crumbled tempura, flip over.

5Squeeze spicy mayonnaise across the back.

6Add three tbsp of sauerkraut across the back.

7Add two slices of avocado and the two soft shell crabs.

8Roll it!

9Cut into seven pieces.


11Garnish with oyster sauce.


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