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It’s Easy!

Share your recipes with the kraut community! After processing (which may take a few days), uploaded recipes will be available to the public on this website.

Before submitting a recipe, please make sure identical recipe is not already published on  We accept only recipes that contain sauerkraut. Suggested ideas include old world kraut recipes, authentic original recipes, modified recipes etc.

By submitting the recipe, you state that you have right to submit this recipe because it was either written or collected by you and give full right to publish, distribute or use in any form or way. You are acknowledging that it is not copyrighted or that you have the permission of the copyright owner to send to us for redistribution. Upon the submission of recipe, we may edit the recipe for clarity or other purpose.

Some Tips for Getting Selected and Earning Higher Ratings:

Your Recipe Title 
If there is commonly used name for the recipe, include that name as part of recipe. If name is in local language and would not be commonly known, include suggested title in parenthesis.

Include Your Story
Anecdotal background information, helpful tips on recipe or information on common variations in recipe.

Your Ingredient List
Please list items individually and add quantity where appropriate

Listing Directions
Keep it simple so they are easy to follow. Break your steps into individual listings rather than long paragraphs.

Fill Out the Quick Facts
Include the details in the areas provided in the form for prep time, cooking time, etc.. It only takes a second and it really helps in the selection process for users just like you.

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